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Biodegradable Sanitary Disposal Bags for Tampons 48 Pack(1200 Bags)

Disposal Bags

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Product description
Product description
About the product
  • 【IDEAL DESIGN】 Keep your personal business personal with easy to use and convenient to carry sanitary disposal bags. Quick and easy handling. Keep handy for life's little hygiene necessities. Bag Size: 3" x 11".
  • 【EASY TO USE】 These tampon bags are simple to open with one hand making disposing of tampons, pads and napkins quick and easy. After use, simply seal closed and toss away with confidence. Bag seals the odour inside the bag and helps keep your surroundings fresh and clean.
  • 【ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY】 Environmentally conscious? No leakage, tamper proof and tear proof. Made from 35% Organic Material, CROWNSTARQI Sanitary Bag for is biodegradable and safe for the environment too! Be worry-free about throwing away your trash.
  • 【PERIOD PERSONAL】 There is no need for anyone to know. Women can dispose with confidence anywhere they choose. No more worry of unsightly products in the trash or the possibility of clogged plumbing.
  • 【YOUNG WOMEN】 Don't forget about your daughter's first period kit. Adding Fab little Bag makes menstruation a little easier for girls just learning about their time of the month.